Welcome to Charlotte Valuations, Inc.

Charlotte Valuations Inc. is committed to providing you with the highest ethical standards through a detailed valuation process. As licensed Real Estate Appraisers since 1999 and a N.C. State-Certified General Appraiser since 2006, Charlotte Valuations, Inc. has worked with a large number of entities in a wide variety of assessment types. No matter what your needs are, Charlotte Valuations Inc. gives thorough attention to ensure your case is given the value it deserves.


Finding the true value of your home needs to be precise. You don’t just need an appraiser to quote a price, you need a company with 20 years of industry knowledge to get the job done. We provide top-rated solutions in a variety of assignment types to deliver the results you need.


Your assets have value and Charlotte Valuations, Inc. wants you to have the most accurate report available. That’s why we use the best practices in the industry by being as thorough as possible. We believe in leaving no stone unturned or detail omitted.


Finding appraisers that don’t just quote a price to make a quick buck can be difficult. Our top priority is ensuring that from the moment you hire us to the moment we give you a final report, you feel secure in placing the value of your home in our hands.

What We Do

Charlotte Valuations, Inc. specializes in a wide variety of services to ensure their client’s are given the most accurate value for their homes. Implementing the highest ethical standards and best practices in home appraisal, estate distribution, and more, Charlotte Valuations, Inc. provides guaranteed valuations for your assets.

Property Research

The valuation process begins by researching your home’s history, work and updates that have been done to the property over time, and how this affects it’s overall value.


A certified appraiser travels to your property to inspect your home’s characteristics such as number of bedrooms, lot size, etc. to develop a better understanding of the home’s value.

Photos & Documentation

While on-site at your property, we take photos of the home’s layout and defining characteristics to ensure our report is the most accurate representation of what your home is worth.

Valuation Report

We research comparable homes recently sold or listed in your neighborhood to create a market value appraisal report based on the comparison of sales/listings and your home.